With Our Chemical Peel & Professional Products, You will see Results

Within two weeks with 100% Guarantee.

Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal

Special Promotion

Hair Removal Sunny Isles Beach FL is pleased to offer our clients Laser Hair Removal treatment in Sunny Isles Beach FL. A package of 6 treatment.

Facials Facials

Special Promotion

Great for men and women, this facial treatment is beneficial for every and all skin types. All facials includes Treading & Tinting Eyebrow.. (A value of $35).

Chemical Peels Chemical Peels

Special Promotion

With our chemical peel treatment and professional products, You will see results within two weeks with 100% Guarantee..

Tip of the Season ” SUMMER”

“As you notice, summer is here and we all love to enjoy the sun and have fun. Be careful, the sun is your #1 enemy. 90% of our skin problems are resulting from the sun. A lot of my clients ask ‘but what about vitamin D?’. it’s true, vitamin D is essential to your body, but only 10 minutes daily is enough to gain it. Remember, even when your driving in the car, or standing in front of a window, UVA & UVB lights are invading in to your skin and damaging it. apply sun block daily and reduce tanning”