Acne Treatment Sunny Isles Beach FL

AcneAcne is a disease of the hair follicles of the face, chest, and back that affects almost all teenagers. But, it could happen in any age, which is usually called adult acne. It is not caused by bacteria, although bacteria pay a role in its development. Acne appears as blackheads or whiteheads, and pimples or zits. It is very common, which damaging the skin and cause emotional stress as well.

Acne often affects skin with the greater number of oil glands which are attached to the hair follicles and results in an oily acne skin. People who suffer from acne, 99% of the time suffer from scars and pigmentation. Because of the inconvenient of the acne, we tend to “play” and extract the pus / inflammation out. But, basically, we are damaging the skin. Red spots appear which means that an acne scar has been created with dark spot pigmentation.

Our chemical peel treatment by Gold Cosmetics & Skin Care, with the combination of a new professionally and clinically proven formula creams especially for people who suffer from light to bad acne condition on the face or/and body, you will start seeing results just within only two weeks with a 100% guarantee. The results are fast and amazing. NO MORE ACNE!!!!

With this chemical peel our goal is to dry the excess of oiliness on the skin. In addition, it will kill the bacteria, dry the inflammation, and will clean and reduce the excess active sebum from the dermis, which is the core problem. Oily skin results in open wide pores, with this treatment, the open pores will minimize. Acne scars will smooth and appear less and less. A scar takes up to six months to heal. If it’s a fresh scar, it will disappear. The dark spots pigmentation will lighten to an even skin tone.