Vitamin C / Collagen Facials

img-facial-therapiesAre the signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing power to nourish, regenerate and rebuilt the lost collagen in the dermis! After light exfoliation, we will absorb in to the skin Vitamin C/Collagen by structuring massage techniques to release tension in the facial muscles and promote blood stimulation in the dermis. Resulting in a more firm, smooth and radiance looking skin.

(For scarred, pigemented and sun damaged skin) This superb treatment starts off with a pre-cleansing massage of Claytech masque with steam. Next, Vitamin C / Collagen Facials Sunny Isles Beach FL cleanse and tone to prepare the skin for deep penetration of vitamin C infused by iotonphoresis (galvanic current) & sonophoresis (ultra sound) to overcome signs of laxity, dullness and pigmentation. Lastly, Vitamin C / Collagen Facials Sunny Isles Beach FL will then apply an Alginate mask along with powerful antioxidants to help re establish the skins clarity and repair damage done by time and elements. Skin will be brighter, firmer, and more radiant.

The mini facial is great to quickly refresh and revitalize your skin for that special occasion without the more laborious extraction process.
The Vitamin C Facial treatment at Vitamin C / Collagen Facials Sunny Isles Beach FL is a relaxing “no downtime” treatment which infuses the skin with the rejuvenating and uplifting benefits of 17 peptides, growth factors and proteins.   Peptides boost collagen, minimize fines lines and wrinkles, and reduce hyper pigmentation.  The esthetician will begin the facial by gently exfoliation to promote healthy skin renewal and brightness.   After just one treatment by Vitamin C / Collagen Facials Sunny Isles Beach FL, expression lines appear relaxed, skin is glowing, texture is smoother and skin is plumbed.  By mixing cutting edge peptides with the latest stem cell technology, this is the next revolution in anti-aging skin care. With many facial treatments in Sunny Isles Beach to choose from the Vitamin C Facial treatment is one Vitamin C / Collagen Facials Sunny Isles Beach FL highly recommend.

This is a non-invasive technique for treating lines, sun damage and pigmentation and controlling break outs as well as acne. It peels away the outer layers of skin damaged skin and leaves your face looking smooth, healthy and radiant. New cells and collagen are stimulated during the healing process to produce tighter and younger looking skin. This Vitamin C / Collagen Facials Sunny Isles Beach FL treatment is especially good for mature, aging and inflamed skin, but has been proven to significantly improve all skin types, especially people with rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

Illuminate your skin with the Germaine De Capuccini anti-aging TIMEXPERT C+ facial.  This rejuvenating treatment is based on the power of pure VITAMIN C ampoule and mask.  The TIMEXPERT C+ Professional treatment corrects the signs of aging and stimulates the essential functions of the skin; regenerating, hydrating, firming and balancing.  Your skin will be radiant and revitalized. Recommended and suitable for all skin types. Give Vitamin C / Collagen Facials Sunny Isles Beach FL a call now!!!.